Sauteed Kale with Bacon and Garlic

This Brazilian sauteed Kale with Bacon and Garlic recipe, known as Couve Mineira in Portuguese, is an easy and delicious side for any dinner!

Let’s get started!


~ 5 cup Kale leaves, sliced thin ~ 3 slices Bacon ~ 2 cloves Garlic, minced ~ ½ teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper (or to taste)

Prep the Kale


Wash the kale under cold water then strip the leaves off the stems. (discard the stems or save for stock). Stack up the kale leaves and then slice into thin strips.

Prep & Cook Bacon


Dice the bacon strips. Mince the garlic.  Preheat a large frying pan or skillet on medium heat. Add the bacon and cook for 10 minutes until the fat is rendered and the back is crispy.

Cook the Kale


Add the garlic and the kale to the bacon. Gently fold over the kale into the bacon to coat it all with the bacon fat and the garlic. Cook for 5-8 minutes to wilt the kale. At this point, it's done for me, but if you want to cook it down further, just add another 3-5 minutes.

Serve and Enjoy!!